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    Outside Feedback On A Few Of My Videos?

    I have a YouTube where I make semi-crappy videos and some decent videos. It's mainly a dumping ground of crap. I try to upload a variety of stuff in order to please the people that do watch, but I also post a LOT of Garry's Mod stuff. I decided to record a friend and I being stupid together (We mess around on Trouble In Terrorist Town sometimes). I know there are many mistakes, but my editing is not perfect and it takes quite a while to do each video so it would take me double the time to fix something. I just want to know if people like the style I've edited my videos or if I should consider taking a different approach to it.

    Trouble In Terrorist Town w/ Matt (Messing around with a friend)

    What Is Garry's Mod? (informative)

    The Compound (cinematicish?)

    Trouble In Terrorist Town (joke-trailer)

    Again, there's a LOT of Garry's Mod content, I generally upload what pleases the people who watch my YouTube and what I like to upload.
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