Kate Middleton's Exact Due Date Reportedly Made Public

Watch Iron Man 3 Online Meanwhile, in California, Star Wars will be getting in on the mix, as characters from the franchise will appear in Tomorrowland, along with characters from Monsters University and TLT Monstrous. There's also going to be a late-night Character Pajama party in Mickey's ToonTown at Disneyland park. They're also turning Fantasy Faire Royal Theater into a Ryal Dance Hall late at night, which will feature a live band and dancing. And in Disney California Adventure park, there will be Monstrous photo opportunities with new Monsters University "Dorms" in Hollywood Land and a Monsters University float leading the Pixar Play Parade.

Watch The Great Gatsby Online According to reports, Middleton’s due date is July 13. Since the news that Middleton is expecting broke all the way back in December, that may seem pretty late, but apparently, Middleton was forced to announce her pregnancy well before the due date thanks to her problems with severe morning sickness. The date was revealed to the Daily Mail after a barbecue where members of the Royal Family spoke out about the timeline.

Watch 42 Online On July 13, the Gardens of Buckingham Palace will be aflutter with celebrations as part of the Coronation Festival, which has been put together to celebrate the anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s crowning sixty years ago. So, if Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge are conspicuously missing from the celebrations, we’ll all know what—or who—is the culprit. Granted, that date could be a decoy to keep the press away from the birth. Or, it could potentially be a result of loose lips at a barbecue. Either way, we can sit back and relax until the baby boy or girl is officially announced. Jesse Eisenberg has proven fairly conclusively that he can play arrogant pretty damn well. After all, it was only a couple of years ago that he picked up his first Academy Award nomination for his performance as Mark Zuckerberg in David Fincher’s The Social Network. But now he’s getting a chance to show off that arrogant side once again, and this time in flashy fashion. After all, who has a bigger ego than a world-famous magician who can make massive crowds believe in the impossible?

Watch Oblivion Online To promote the upcoming release of the magician thriller Now You See Me, Summit Entertainment has released a full series of new exclusive character motion posters, and above you can see ours featuring Jesse Eisenberg as Atlas, a.k.a. “The Showman.” You can find all of the others all around the internet at sites including Movies.com, Coming Soon, Buzz Sugar, Film School Rejects, Hollywood.com, Nerdist, and CraveOnline.com.

Watch Evil Dead Online Directed by Louis Letterrier (The Incredible Hulk), Now You See Me stars Mark Ruffalo and Mélanie Laurent as agents of the FBI and Interpol, respectively, who go on a nationwide hunt studying and trying to capture The Four Horsemen, a stage act featuring four of the best magicians in the entire world (Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Isla Fisher and Dave Franco). What has brought them to the attention of the authorities is that they have begun pulling off a series of multi-million dollar heists, but instead of keeping the cash for themselves they simply give it out to their audiences. It is not an easy thing to be a surprise hit these days. The Iron Man 3's and Avengers's of the world come with months and months of buzz-building and tracking and anticipation, to the point that when the movies actually come to theaters, the studios know by Friday morning what Monday morning's box office will tell them.

Watch G I Joe Retaliation Online And yet, this weekend we had The Great Gatsby, a lavish, R-rated literary adaptation that cost at least $150 million to make (some say $200 million) and pulled off $51 million at the American box office this weekend, exceeding even the studio's most optimistic predictions. While the teenage boys who are normally at the center of every marketing campaign rushed off to see Iron Man 3, older audiences, and especially women, flocked to Gatsby-- numbers at Forbes says that 59% of the audiences were female, and 69% of them were over the age of 25.

Watch Scary Movie 5 Online That's not entirely surprising, of course-- marketing tie-ins for The Great Gatsby have been through Brooks Brothers and Tiffany's, not exactly brands beloved by high school and college kids. The emphasis in ads on the amazing costumes and heartbreaking romance of the novel were inevitably going to draw in more women, as was the promise of seeing Leonardo DiCaprio reunited with Baz Luhrmann, who put him in his ultimate romantic lead role with Romeo + Juliet (women old enough to have swooned for that film back in 1996 are now, inevitably, over the age of 25). But what's surprising is just how much of that older, female audience turned out to support a very long, very expensive, very over-the-top film not all that much unlike Luhrmann's last film Australia, a brutal flop here in the United States.

Watch The Last Exorcism Part 2 Online This is a story that gets told over and over again at the box office-- women, especially older women, are undervalued by Hollywood, so when a movie targets them they will show up in droves. And it's a story that The Great Gatsby's distributor Warner Bros. has come to understand extremely well. Last year they took a gamble on Steven Soderbergh's male stripper drama Magic Mike, marketed the hell out of it, and made a $113 million hit off a film that Soderbergh and Channing Tatum funded themselves for $16 million. Warner Bros. built a franchise out of two Sex and the City movies, one of which was mediocre and one of which was abysmal, but both of which tapped into one of very, very few franchises with primarily female audiences. And, god help them, they were responsible for both Valentine's Day and New Year's Eve, another female-driven franchise of sorts that basically applied the Avengers logic to a rom-com: slap as many big names together as possible and watch the cash roll in.

Watch Olympus Has Fallen Online What's the common denominator here? Same as it is for all the male-driven summer hits: spectacle. Virtually every summer movie promises essentially the same thing, an opportunity to witness something on the big screen that exceeds anything that exists in your normal life. That can be the robot suits of Iron Man 3, the swinging heroism of The Amazing Spider-Man, the inventive effects of Inception… or the endless sequins of The Great Gatsby. What Gatsby and Magic Mike and the Sex and the City movies offer is the kind of spectacle that women are often drawn to-- clothes, scenery, attractive men, music, or in the case of Gatsby, a combination of all of the above. The chaotic, glittering ads for The Great Gatsby are effectively the same as the ones for Iron Man 3, except that instead of explosions and lingering shots of Tony Stark's technology, we get confetti and lingering shots of sequined flapper dresses.

It's a long-known fact that women like the Iron Man's and Spider-Man's of the world nearly as much as the men do, and that women will go see movies aimed primarily toward men far more often than men will do the reverse. And Gatsby is far, far from the first movie to apply the spectacle of film toward things that largely appeal to women-- every glittering, white-carpeted apartment in rom-coms of the 30s and 40s will tell you that much. But seeing spectacle for women produced on this large a scale is encouraging in its own way, a promise that studios aren't just relying on cheaper films like Bridesmaids or The Vow to get women in theaters. Both Alice in Wonderland and Oz The Great And Powerful were expensive films with a majority female audience, but they were aimed at kids too. The Great Gatsby is the first movie since Sex and the City 2 that says that you can spend a lot of money, market hard to mostly women, and make it worth your while. The fact that it's infinitely better than Sex and the City 2 isn't a bad bonus.