Sam: Sonny Bear
Gerald: Referee
Gourav: Farm Boy
MJ: Jake
Alexis: Racist crowd

Gerald: No low biting, or kicking. Round 1 begin?(Sam & Gourav come to middle of ring and touch gloves)
MJ: Remember don’y go head hunting just stick & move sunny stick & move
Sam: why this big ogre is not fast or strong enough to stop me! ( Gourav gets mad and swings)
Sam: Ha missed me!
Gourav: Grrr….. (growls and swings again)
San: Gotcha ya! (swings and plants left hook)
(Gourav stumbles back falls on ground)
Gerald: Whoa, Whoa back up, go to your neutral corners (Sam backs up)
Gerald: look look be careful about that left hook *Gourav nods his head)
Sam: Ha Ha look at this bum
MJ: Calm down Sunny take control of your anger.
Sam: Yeah Yeah (Sam swings at Gourav stomach)
(Gourav observes it and gets close, hits Sam in privates)
Sam: ooooh…… (Gourav throws right hook connects)
(Sam falls on ground)
Gerald: Whoa Neutral corners Accidental punch
(Gourav Laughs)
Bell: Ding!! Ding!!…
Gerald: end of round one
Sam: There is no such thing as a low blow Jake they are cheating
MJ: its ok just keep your cool don’t get angry.
Bell: Ding!! Ding!!
Sam: Payback time
MJ: No, keep your cool (Sam attacks right punch in stomach left hook in Gourav jaw and Gourav falls)
Sam: Yea….!!! (starts taunting)
(Gourav tries to get up Sam hits him again)
Gerald: Whoa illegal punch Sonny bear you are outa here.
MJ: Comes on Sonny time to go
(grabs Sonny1 & 0leaves the Area)