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    Question Favorite Odd Future Song.

    So I'm REALLY into Odd Future and I really want to know if any of you are. So if you are, say so and give your favorite song by them!

    Mine is Golden by Tyler, the Creator.

    If you don't know, Odd Future is a rap collective created by Tyler, the Creator. They are famous for their dark and depressing hip-hop, childish behavior, and using satanic symbols.
    They also lead a skateboarding group named Golf Wang, and inside of Odd Future are different groups such as EarlWolf, Mellohigh, Mellohype, and the Jet Age of Tomorrow. Their music is so dark that it is constantly mistaken as horror core. Tyler, the Creator probably gets the most hate about how he's promoting violence, but only because he is the most famous of the group, mostly because of his song Yonkers. Like I said, they use satanic symbols in plenty of things, like merchandise, album art, and music videos, which normally spurs up religious debates around them, which is another reason why they are famous.

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