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    Arrow Horror Movies Database [Actively Updates]

    Hey Everybody

    I made this thread in other forum so i'd like to share't with u

    The Title is clear this is an Horror Movies Database

    It will contain names of scary movies that any one watched before and liked and scare to death

    It will be updated .. after every one posting the movies that he liked and scare from .. I'll update the thread with the names of this movies

    So give me the best ever scary movies (I wanna be a dead man after watching )

    But one rule

    When u post a name a of a movie just mention if this movie ( A Bloody Movie Like "Saw" or a Scary movie "Grudge ♥"

    Every member can post 1 Movie in one post and if u wanna post again wait anybody to post after ur post

    Tag the others to let the database grow

    The Database:

    Scary Movie Blue , Bloody Movie in RED)

    The Grudge series 2004-2009 (Scary Movie)

    The Exorcism of Emily Rose 2005 (F#cking Scary Movie)

    The Woman in Black 2012 (Scary Movie)

    Omen series 1976-2006 (Scary Movie)

    Orphan (Scary Thriller)

    Dead End (Scary Thriller)

    Ghost Ship (Scary Thriller)

    Cabin in the Woods (Very Bloody Movie)

    Scream series (Scary & Bloody Movie)

    House of Wax (Very Bloody)

    Hostel Series (Extreem bloody, even extremer than saw especially hostel 1)

    Train (Extreme bloody)

    i know what you did last summer (scary & bloody)

    i still know what you did last summer(scary & bloody)

    ill always know what you did last summer(scary & bloody)

    Dead Silence (scary to death)

    grave encounters 1,2 ( paranormal scary )

    Paranormal Activity Series ( Scary )

    Autopsy ( Extreme Bloody )

    A Nightmare on Elm Street Series ( Scary - Bloody)

    The Last Exoricism part 1 2010 , part 2 2013 ( Scary )

    hide and seek 2005 ( Scary )

    The Ring Series ( F%cking Scary )

    Final Destination series ( bloody , scary )

    Cool Air ( scary )

    Come out and play ( scary )

    Halloween Series ( Extreme Bloody )

    Darkness Falls 2003 ( F*ing Scary )

    Mama 2013 ( Paranormal Scary )

    Grave Encounters 1 & 2 ( F#cking Scary )

    The Ring 1 & 2 ( F#cking Scary )

    The Last Exorcism II 2013 ( Scary )

    The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Series 2003-2013 ( Extreme bloody )

    Friday the 13th 2009 ( Bloody )
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