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    Netflix's Daredevil

    Decided to come here to discuss about the new DareDevil series.
    This series is much better than Arrow and The Flash. Why? Probably because of the fact that there is no cheesy CGI or special effects, the tone is extremely dark and perfectly suits the Marvel universe.
    I recommend the show to any Marvel fans because of the amount of easter eggs and references to the Marvel Universe.

    Here's just a quick rundown of Season 1:

    Cinematography is beautiful, with great shots of Hell's Kitchen's NYC. The night shots are when the show truly comes into light, with an emphasis on yellow tint from the street lights contrasted by the shadows and the darkness of the alleys of NYC. Choreography of the fights is realistic and entertaining to watch. By realism I'm talking about the fact that the streetfights look and feel exhausting. This aspect can be shown in the Hallway seen where Daredevil fights multiple guys in a tight hallway which was filmed in a single shot.
    The show is visually stunning.

    Music really fits the tone of Daredevil with the crescendos during some of the most important scene of the movie. Sound-effects of bones cracking, fists landing and gun shots really pack a punch and delivers a gritty and hard hitting blow to your ears.

    Vincent D'Onofrio's role as Kingpin is one of the most complex and interesting interpretation of the Marvel villain. You feel sorry for the guy because of some of the awful things he's been through but in reality he is a cold, calculating and emotional man which really scares you. This is one villain you do not want to piss off! Charlie Cox's Daredevil is SO much better than Ben Affleck. Origin story is told through a series of flashbacks spread throughout the series. We get to learn and empathize about the son of a boxer who rarely win fights and we get to know how a Matt Murdoch learnt to control his new found powers and be trained in bad ass combat

    A must watch!!

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    WATCHED IT A BIT TOO BORING, SHOULD HAVE KEPT IT TO 40 minutes eps instead of the long 1 hour!

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