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    What is happening if you contact a wrong person:))

    Look :

    [15.04.2015 14:25:36] *** christa.oot would like to add you on Skype

    Hi legalizam.iarba, I'd like to add you as a contact. ***
    [15.04.2015 14:28:09] *** Radu has shared contact details with christa.oot. ***
    [15.04.2015 14:28:15] Radu: ?
    [07:32:11] Radu: wHAT?
    [07:33:44] christa.oot: Yay! someone to talk to ! lol I'm a little forgetful lol, have we chatted before?
    [07:54:26] Radu: No
    [07:54:50] Radu: I'm from mpgh i guess
    [07:56:03] christa.oot: hmm ok. Your username seemed familiar. haha it's ok I was looking for somebody to chat with, I hope you don't mind chatting with a bored single 23/f lol So what u up to?
    [09:09:21] Radu: Lol
    [09:09:23] Radu: ))
    [09:11:17] Radu: Ok
    [09:11:19] Radu: I'm fine
    [09:12:48] christa.oot: Hmmm well maybe I can spice up your day even more lol..I'm feelin freaky so What kinda girls you in to? Are you in to BIG TITS or a BIG BOOTY? ~
    [09:13:57] Radu: I'm only 16 so I have time to think at tits and ass
    [09:14:07] Radu: Did you know
    [09:14:52] christa.oot: ol.. I have a lot of both!! I have some free time now my roommate went out...I guess I love to tease Wanna see? its up to in the mood lol
    [09:15:36] Radu: Wtf, lol you are a robot or something?
    [09:16:14] Radu: Or you wanna to make some cash quickly=)
    [09:16:23] Radu: And you didn't know how?
    [09:16:24] christa.oot: whats wrong babe? whats the problem?
    [09:17:06] Radu: I just reply, no worry
    [09:17:38] christa.oot: Ok... let me set my cam up and I'll show u sexy holiday outfit and maybe what's under it lol ..Just promise you won't share my profile with anyone else or take pictures of me naked ok? lol
    [09:17:48] Radu: No thanks)
    [09:17:55] Radu: I have a girlfriend
    [09:18:05] Radu: Soo, i don't want to see your boobs
    [09:18:08] Radu:
    [09:18:10] Radu:
    [09:18:56] Radu: I'm not desperate
    [09:19:42] christa.oot: oh its probably gonna ask you for a credit card to sign up for the app but its free babe, its just to keep kids out. Im wearing almost nothing and I dont want any kids watching me lol.. im gonna show u more than just my sexy outfit I promise lol I like to tease but I love to deliver even more haha. Are u almost in?
    [09:20:25] Radu: Don't woory baby i have a credit card
    [09:20:36] Radu:
    [09:20:38] Radu: But wtf
    [09:20:42] Radu: Did you wanna make some money
    [09:20:45] Radu: Give me your number
    [09:20:49] Radu: And you can meet
    [09:20:52] Radu: And talk about it
    [09:20:57] christa.oot: k... Let me know when you're in sweetie , you should see my cam or I can send u the link again if u need. sorry to rush you but u got me so horny !! I need to release some stress are u almost in lol ?
    [09:21:21] Radu: Give me your number baby
    [09:21:30] Radu: And we can meet
    [09:21:36] Radu: and you can make some money
    [09:21:50] Radu: Did you know what i'm saying?
    [09:21:58] christa.oot: hmmm my pussy is so wet lol ok I see u connecting, I'm gonna put on my outfit now , Just type here or in the chat when u can see me undressing
    [09:22:15] Radu: Wtf you are a robot
    [09:22:18] Radu: Get the fuck out
    [09:22:19] Radu: Ignore..
    [09:22:46] christa.oot: why would you ignore me?
    [09:22:57] Radu: Because you didn't send me your number
    [09:23:01] Radu: If you send me
    [09:23:03] Radu: We can meet
    [09:23:08] Radu: And you can make some money
    [09:23:13] Radu: If you know how(heart)
    [09:23:14] christa.oot: k.. xoxo ~
    [09:23:16] Radu: =))
    [09:23:43] Radu: You do videochat?
    [09:25:07] Radu: How much money did you won from videochat?
    [09:25:26] Radu: Just asking)

    Check it out maybe the girl wanna make videochat with you guys : christa.oot
    Vrei o muie? , iti dau doua

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    Those are just bots in my opinion, happened to me before. Just ignore and delete.

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