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    Dr Turtle tells a story

    Once upon a, oh fuck DAT shit m70$ he was a dankscoper. He worked in alquade sniper decision. He was 3 69 5 me. His name was Jeff. Jeff liked to man your rektum on tuesdays and Thursdays from 3 to 7. He knew how to fakie Jakie from state farm backslide railgrind 720p dankscope your grandmas sweaters. He could snap a Christmas club card into 3 chicken mcnuggets. Jeff decided it was time to op his club penguin skills and logged on to to learn about how Obamas wife could feed him more vegetables with ranch. His dankstorming skills were op haxor confirmed xXXXxx. After she knew he was ready to $mackstorm drank e dankie 420 blaze from across the map she gave his anus some doritos cool ranch. He logged onto runescape again only to find that the llamas were forcing hardscopes.exe into there eyes. After he triple timtrapp took a naped he was ready to lakie Fred olive garden there asses rite back to the mailman. He jumped out from behind our man and dankstorm tripple nose grind snake rake den kiddies of the front of your car kanye northeast boating school whale tags jenny handgun feg lord HDTV'd your Dickensian off your generals. He holstered his banana and logged of MPGH.

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    sorry tl'dr

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