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    Fancy Text Tutorial #1

    Fancy Text Tutorialt #1

    (everything will come out in more quality than what is shown)

    1.Add text saying whatever you want ( I used Arial that was Bold)
    2.Right click on your new text layer on top and click Rasterize Type
    3.Copy the text layer by pressing Ctrl + J

    1.Click the eye next to the Original layer to hide it
    2.Click on your copy text layer if it is not already selected
    3.Go to the top of the Program and click Select>Modify>Contract.
    4.Put "1" in the textbox and click OK
    5.Press Delete

    1.Double Click on the text outline and click "Gradient Overlay"
    2.Make sure that the angle is set to "90"
    3.Make the left color a dark yellow and the right color a bright yellow.
    4.Check Bevel and Emboss and make everything as below.

    1.Check the eye on the Original text layer again to show it
    2.Make the back color of the text a dull slightly dark yellow
    3.Select a Darker color of that yellow and make lines going
    Horizontal and Vertical. or fill it with a pattern of lines.
    4.Go to Image>Adjustments>Black and White, Check "Tint"
    add what I have below or change it to what suits you best.

    1.Next add a new layer above everything and color it black
    2.Set the style to "Screen"
    3.Go to Filter>Render>Lens Flare and choose the third one down
    and place it anywhere (size about 85)
    4.Resize the layer by clicking Ctrl + T to make the flare smaller
    and place it over your text.

    1.Go to Layer>New Adjustments Layer>Photo Filter
    2.Set the Color to Yellow and change the Density to about "50"
    3.Make sure this is above the layer with the lens flare and right
    click on the layer and select "Create Clipping Mask".
    (Do this for Every Flare you have made)
    5.You're Done!!


    This Tutorial was Created and Made by: Kiru (aka Guza)
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    Thats effect is bad dude.

    But anyways, the tutorial is well written. Try making a film roll. They are more easy to look at.


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