Okay, I bet your thinking, wtf is a shade? Its sort of like make up and contacts. Except without embarressing yourself by wearing them. This Simple Tut will teach you how to get you from this:

to this:

Step 1: Rotate the eye so it is normal. (If your not using the eye you can skip this step)

Step 2: Focus your intention on the area your editing. Grab the pencil tool.

Step 3. Pick the color you think was suited, in mine, this was red,brown, black and grey.

Step 4. Draw in the area you want to have "make up" on. (Such as the veins in the eyes)

Step 5. Select Gaussian blur after applying this. Note: After finishing this area, it is important to create a new layer! or the gaussian blurs will soon delete your progress!

Step 6. Continue your work, over and over, such as skin coloring, which i made my a bluish green color, and make other factors different, such as eye color and shading (like under the eyes).

Hope the tut worked for you guys.