Hey there today I am going to be telling you how to make very simple but professional styled 3D text using Cinema 4D. First of all open the program... When this it complete you will need to go to the top of the screen and there will be a toolbar look for the word mogragh (if you cant find this add me on Skype publicology) After you have found this motext you will want to click it and a drop down menu will appear, when this has appeared look for motext and click it. Now there should be some 3D text on your preview screen saying Text. To change this you are going to want to look at the bottom right of the program and you will see a panel with information like the depth(20) and you will see a bit where it ways Text(if you cant see any of this and you have different information on your panel make sure you are on the object tab). Change the text to what you want and can choose to change the font and depth if you want to, I recommend depth 50. after this above the [anel you have been working you will see a much bigger one with the layers in it, you need to right click and copy the layer you have created and paste it. Now you need to change the depth to half the depth of your other text. E.G - If your first layer was depth 50 your one that you copied would need to be 25. Now the tricky bit u need to use the tools which are in the right of your preview screen to zoom in/out to a comfortable level and figure which one is the rotate one and rotate your screen now the text so that your looking at the top of the text. Now your need to click on your 2nd layer in the layer panel which will select that layer then you will need to drag it to the centre so its in the middle of the big layer using the arrows that are near it make sure you don't drag it in the wrong direction only back and forth not up and down. Now you are going to want to rotate your screen back to the front so you are looking directly at the text and you may notice a tad it looks 3dish. This is because you haven't added and colours. At the bottom of the preview screen there is a material panel you are going to want to double tap in there to create a new material, choose a color then drag it on to the layer you want the colour on in the layer panel then do the same for the other layer. Then hey presto you have 3D text Hope this helped if you have any questions add my Skype (Publicology) I am happy to help any time.