I'm an ex-Combat Arms player who is coming back into the game. My old account was a COL which I sold, currently have new account but don't feel like grinding all the ranks.
I'm looking for "SIMPLE" account that is COL+. It needs a decent KD at least .80+, don't need a lot of perms. Needs to be CBL clean.
My budget is $90-$95. Not going over the budget at all.
I do know i'm asking for a lot within less budget, but i'm tight on money.
I'm not willing to go first and transfer money, as a seller you won't be either. I'm only willing to do the transaction with a middleman or through playerauctions. No EXCEPTIONS. I'm not here to scam you, and im not here to get scammed.

Skype Name: saifpilpile (it's the dude with green hoodie)

Have an offer for a MAJ account, but would like to see other accounts before I make my final decision.