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    Trading in Game 1.000.000 GP for 25.600 NX

    Hi guys, i want trading my GP for NX!

    This is the last time I try, later I salute you, because i never finish anything.

    I trade 255 Hi-Sec Keys = 975.460 GP + 97.546 of Fee for 25.600 NX
    Now with the Cauldron Candy Bucket, you can find many Myst-Gear and maybe Permanent Items!

    This is proof that I own the gp I offered
    (Below down you can find the image!)

    Add me in Skype: Roby19922

    In fairness, I prefer to specify, i not gift for first, since there are too many players unreliable, as demonstrated by the number of players that have been banned in this forum.
    I joined the forum since I started playing Combat Arms, in year 2009, and in Ca my Rank is MG, so if there trust me, go elsewhere!

    Screen Proof:
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails

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