I am selling this account of Combat Arms. Currently GEN (4 stars). Account created the 30th of March of 2011.

Assault Rifles: 13 PERM assault rifles with an NX Rare (M4A1 SOPMOD); EXCLUDING the default M16 rifles.
SubMachine Guns: 6 PERM submachine guns with an NX Rare (MP7 MOD Steel).
Sniper Rifles: 3 PERM sniper rifles.
Machine Guns: 2 PERM machine guns.
Shotguns: 1 PERM shotgun.
Pistols: 3 PERM Pistols and a SQUIRT gun that will expire in 31/01/2021.
Melee: 1 PERM Tracker Knife.
Support: 1 PERM M69HE Frag-NL.
Gear: 12 PERM Accessories in Gear, including a PERM Codename Hawk Specialist.
Cosmetics: 1 PERM Hard Hat.
Modifications: 3 PERM assault rifle modifications and 1 PERM submachine gun modification.

If you have any question regarding the account please message me. I am willing to get into an agreement if you have a good deal.