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    Good Bye Combat Arms - Selling Platinum Account - Serious Buys Only

    Hello MPGH and CA NA/EU Community

    Name's Michael and I'm looking to sell my account because I'm getting married in April 2017. I would imagine my then wife would not like it if I were to play Combat Arms on a daily basis.

    This account was created in 2008 and it holds great sentimental values dear to me. I lived this account for a dear friend of mine that passed away. She taught me the way of the scope before her life ended and this the reason why I snipe relentlessly. Rogue.

    Most likely won't be selling unless you're serious. I've spent many years on this account and I think it's time to let it go. *Sigh* Sentimental Values are hard to give up.

    1,000 USD as OBO.

    Please, for this is serious business only - No Low Ballers - No scammers

    5 Star
    800K gp
    221 NX
    NX Platinum Grade
    Clan is currently Unaffiliated. Was in the clan WestCoastKillers and played with the 1st 5star - Gratfulded back then.

    KDR 2.11

    31% Speed
    -10 Protection
    +54 % Stamina

    Perm Cyborgs Bandana + NX Speed Buff
    Perm Most American Glasses + NX Stamina Buff
    Perm Recon Vest + NX Speed Buff x2
    Perm 3 Slot Backpack

    Perm Custom Level 3 M4A1 Sop Mod + NX Bullet Damage + NX Sights
    Perm Alien Gun
    Perm Tiger Strider
    Perm HBS

    Perm Custom Level 3 P90 TRse
    Perm SG50
    Perm Classic Maxes R870 MSC MOD

    Perm G36E
    Perm M416 CQB Barons Revised
    Perm Capt. Souzas Parafal
    Perm M14 Hunters
    Perm Mk14 mod 0

    Perm Dual Scorpions
    Perm Banshees FMG-9
    Perm CZ Scorpion EVO 3 a1
    ~800 Days Orthus

    Perm Box GUN
    Perm MG36

    Perm Hausers Model 1887
    Perm Super M4
    Perm Maxes set R870 MCS MOD
    Perm Kel-Tec KSG
    Perm M590 Mariners
    Perm Golden Punisher Double Barrel
    Perm Silver Double Barrel
    Perm Confederate Double Barrel
    Perm Double Barrel

    Perm MSR
    Perm L96a1
    Perm L96a1 Ghille
    Perm L96a1 Arctic Wolf
    Perm L96a1 Super mag
    Perm L96a1 Black Mag
    Perm L115a3
    Perm L115a3 Ghillee
    Perm M39 EMR
    Perm M24
    Perm M24 Woodlands
    Perm S58 Musket
    Perm MSG-90
    Perm PSG MOD Mark II
    Perm Dragnov Black
    Perm SR 25 Mark 11 NAVY
    Perm SR25 SandFire
    Perm BigShot
    Perm 107CQ SE Ghille
    Perm Holiday Wolf
    Perm TPG-1 master
    Perm TPG-1
    Perm TRG-41

    Perm G18 Cobra
    Perm Squirt Gun
    Perm Bushmaster
    Perm P220
    Perm 1911
    Perm USP
    Perm Anaconda
    Perm Desert Eagle
    Perm Anaconda Black

    Perm Bailsong Knife
    Perm Ninjato
    Perm Dom Pedro Sword
    Perm Machete
    Perm Tomahawk
    Perm Brass Knuckles
    Perm Sledge Hammer

    Perm M67 pack
    Perm RGN
    Perm M69 HE NL
    Perm M96 HE Frag
    Perm Winder M69 HE
    Perm Watermelon Grenade
    Perm Snowman Grenade
    Perm M18 Smoke
    Perm M18 Festive Smoke
    Perm M23F Incendiary
    Perm XM 84 Flash
    Perm G7A Gas
    Perm Dynamite Pack
    Perm Mine in the Box
    Perm Heartbeat Sensor
    Perm Heart Beat detector
    Perm M16A1 Mine

    Perm Classic Raven
    Perm Classic Scorpion
    Perm Classic Viper
    Perm Classic Captain Souza
    Perm Lynx
    Perm Turret
    Perm First Aid Kit
    Perm M93 Hornet
    Perm Caltrops
    Perm Minigun
    Perm Satellite Scanner
    Perm Stamina injector
    Perm Clay more
    Perm Remote Grenade
    Perm M32 Grenade launcher
    Perm M32 Stun
    Perm M32 Incendiary
    Perm Airstrike
    Perm Warlord

    ETC Functions:
    Perm Super Elite Mod from 2012
    Perm Elite Mod
    x6 Weapon renewal
    x3 Gear renewal
    x1 Name Changer
    1 Day Name Color
    Perm 3rd slot spec
    x623 25% GP Pass
    x183 40% GP Pass
    x41 100% GP Pass
    x211 25% EXP Pass
    x154 40% EXP
    x23 100 EXP Pass
    x2 200% EXP Pass
    x19 300% EXP Pass

    Perm Full Body Cosmetics
    Perm Reindeer's Backpack
    Perm Hard Hat Red

    Perm Relentless

    Perm Combat Arms 1st Anniversary Hat + Backpack
    Perm Combat Arms 2nd Anniversary Hat + Backpack
    Perm Combat Arms 3rd Anniversary Hat + Backpack
    Perm Combat Arms 4th Anniversary Hat + Backpack
    Perm Combat Arms 5th Anniversary Hat + Backpack
    Perm Combat Arms 6th Anniversary Hat + Backpack
    Perm Combat Arms 7th Anniversary Hat + Backpack

    +More...... I can't name all of it...

    Because I'm leaving the CA community soon, here are some of my inspirational and personal quotes in my Combat Arms career.

    "Remember Waverider underwater glitch from Alpha side in 08? I sure do!"

    "I never understood Snowball fight mode."

    "In 2009, the Sop Mod was my first love."

    "Rice_Lover, how do you snipe with every shot hit?" - Please youtube her videos

    "She told me "Pick up the sniper soldier. You then are already holding all of the power in your hands." "

    "Yes, I missed every shot. But I never stopped trying."

    "Never put down another comrade just because they are learning. You're the one not getting anywhere in this case."

    "Every death and fall you take only makes you a better player. Proceed on and never look back."

    "When you passed away, I decided to live and fulfill your dreams for you."

    "All my enemies feared the way I played. Rush, quick scope, drag scope, repeat."

    "Even the hackers feared the way I played. They couldn't stop my bolts."

    "Life of the great Combat Arms Sniper: Don't even stop for a moment. You don't think. You don't aim. You just live in the moment once you scope."

    "RIP CA 1.0"

    "With the Sniper in my hands, I finally reached 5 Star GOA on her account. She would've been proud."

    "I never liked Nexon EU. Rip CANA 2.0"

    "I've done my part. I've seen it & I've lived it. Some people will never know the true power of the scope."

    "My time has come. Even though my heart belongs in the battlefield, life says to move on."

    "Sometimes letting go doesn't mean you're weak but rather, that you are stronger than yesterday."

    "Combat Arms was my escape from reality. I only dreamed of becoming the best CA Sniper player for her."

    "In my heart, I never left the battlefield. The CA community was my family."

    "It's time to let go Michael. You've done your part. Rest in peace my Friend."

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    Sold as of this morning 8:00 AM Eastern Time Zone.

    --Please close this thread for me--

    Thank you MPGH and Combat Arms Community.

    Good Bye Combat Arms.
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