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    Talking Major 5 Platinum account with Perm Orthus and 68 000+ NX

    i played the game for years and decided to finally move on with my gaming life. and there is no need to waste a great account.
    i know most people sell GOA and stuff. but a GOA is already max lvl. with a Major 5 you can still enjoy lvling up

    i will only writte here the best stuff, the rest you can see in screens.

    NX- 596 and 68,620 in Coupons.
    GP- 1,239,340

    KD- 1.64 44,XXX kills/27,XXX deaths
    - Perm Orthus
    - Perm M4A1 SOPMOD Custom
    - Perm M417 SB Custom
    - Perm Snake Set
    - Perm Max Set
    - 125 days Legion with 1 more 7 day in Inbox
    - 30 day Andromalius in inbox
    - Perm SR25 Mark 11 Navy (auto sniper that i love)
    - Perm Beach event items. (Ophelia)

    link with screens:

    sory about link but kept saying i couldnt put links. if its really not allowed to put links (weird) send me a PM or reply to this and i will provide

    as for price, after seeing a account with less rare items than mine (but higher rank) beeing sold for 1000. i am asking for 500 min.but its negotiable
    keep in mind this account has a lot of great items.
    WITH trusted middleman only. or you can go first
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