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    Selling CPT1 + vindictus char

    Im selling CA acc thats linked to Vindictus acc. (i'll post screenshots later) i will only accept paypal i will do middleman

    CA: CPT1 1.80 kdr
    Legit Combos
    CBL clean
    Never used hacks on

    AK47 perm
    g36 perm
    Max merc Perm
    PSG-1 camo perm
    and the default nexon perms

    Vindictus : Karok lv70 +10 valor chiulin prowess perfect dura
    Perm inner armor
    has about 6mills on the char with full bh/swift set (+5 and enchanted) and 2 pieces of ingkells armor and superior winter hat, all skills maxed b5 the update

    Lann lv 65 full bh/swift set has about 10m on it and full chiulin set along with braid tassel spears +6, skills not maxed but its average
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