Hello i want to sell my combat arms account...
This account in a very well known Clan WestCoastKillers SO yeah i didn't hack on this account. i am looking for a good deal thanks :P. enlisted in December 2009, it never got banned and never had any hacks used on the account, it's 100% legit, it has a very nice name.

Game Version: North America

Rank: CPT 5 (17%) 83% more for major
Kd: 1. 00
35, 540 kills
35, 500 deaths
16,15% Headshots
GP : 115,000 GP
Important Information: I have full informations for the accounts, it also come with a very high level in vindictus (level 70 lann) full upgraded Black Hammer set Fused to Dark Crest Around 70k AP.

Inventory :

M416 CQB (PERM) bought in 2009 for 25$
Barons M416 CQB for 267 days
Default M16A3
M16A3 Veteran
M92FS Veteran
M9 Veteran
M9 Professionnal
M67 Frag
2nd anniversary Skull helmet
2nd anniversary backpack
2nd anniversary Skull Mask
Professionnal Cap
Veteran Cap
Veteran Backpack
Professionnal Backpack

Have a lot of customs parts to... Payment is Paypal Thanks for reading and i used Hunters Format since we had similer account hope you dont mind hunter XD.....