I'm looking for a LTC + 1.1 KDR that has 1 k gp and is CBL clean with NO PERMS. Willing to trade a Mass Effect 3 PS3 key and a CoD4 PC Key. The PC key is a retail version key, and I can provide you with a download of the Cod4 setup client, where you can then enter the key. The Mass Effect 3 key is a PS3 version, and I'll stay in touch with the buyer so I can give the key. I will need ALL info, so that an MM may change the info to mine. I wanna use Ravallo or Insane. PM me or add me at anisaber1234@hotmail.com.

ALSO, WILLING TO TRADE a CSM 1 WITH 2k GP and a 30 day arctic ghillie, and A 50 day Mk48 MOD 0.