Well i started a thread of trading my account for another one but no one posted anything on it.
I am selling my NA account ziggebomb for minecraft or something in same price range like a gift card on steam or something for 10 USD.
It has nothing, just a regular account. Cant play on it since i dont live in USA anymore (well, i lived in singapore.). Ill take a final bye bye to the account if someone wants it.
Name: ziggebomb
Rank: MSG4
Hacked or glitch: Never. wouldnt even think bout' it.
Screenshot: Heres the thing. I havent played on it for a while but i have logged on it a couple of times on the website to keep it active. Im not a scammer, im not that kind of bullshit. If theres anyway i can get something please tell. (Isnt there like some thing were you check if you have hacked? there you can get info on the account.

Please answer someone this offer is a rush i need to sell it cause i am impatient as Hell.

(If theres any price you would offer, Tell me here or reach me by my skype= jakob_wallnas@hotmail.com