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    Post Selling nexon game cards, super cheap cuz I dont play anymore. Old stillwork

    Hey guys just moving this post to the top cuz I wanna sell this quick and fast

    Yo what's up guys, I'm selling cheap nexon cards for cheap prices. All codes have been recorded on my computer and I can sell it to you straight by e-mail.

    Afterwards buying the card, do leave feedback and recommend me to your forum friends and also friends. We have about 22 cards leftover because from my presents and I want to save up for a new CA account. Contact me on

    These cards about 3 years old, but they still work on the Nexon website. US Nexon redeemable only. I also have have 3 75 k cards left karma koins*.

    Sorry but I'm not willing to trade for any old account because My mate is selling his to me. PayPal only

    Aussie has a 10% extra nx promotion I think because of our shitty currency. Don't message me on this site cuz I'm mostly playing MW3 or BF3.

    I'm selling 2 50k + 20k cash card for 40 dollars. The cards are about 3 years old but stil work,

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    added on msn i need nexon cards

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