Autobot here

I'm looking for a CPT+ CA NA account.

Read the additional information below

Here is the full list of requirements for the account -

KDR: 1.00+
CBL Clean
Never Hacked on (Must be CLEAN, or actively hacked on)
Must have ALL Info (SIGNUP Email, Security Answers ETC)
The seller must agree to use a MM (You can ask as many times as you want I'm not going first neither are you, MM only)
Must agree to actually sell the account, not change their mind and magically recover their account (revoke, retain) [WARNING: Been in MANY Trades]
The rank MUST be above CPT (Rank can be anywhere but ABOVE CPT)
MUST have atleast 50k GP +

NOTE: This account does not need to have any permanent weapons and such, just a decent amount of GP, Guns and gear.

I'm willing to pay $50 Worth of NX through codes (1x $50 Karma Koin)

Contact me at:

Serious sellers ONLY

Post your offers below