I had a nice account once, a 1Lt. Some guy came to me and said that he could charge my account with 100k nx. I believed him somehow, (long time ago) and he hacked my account, because when combat arms first came out, you didnt need any information to change your password etc. If you want to change the pass, you now need the email, birthday etc. I started playing combat arms again, but i dont want to train it whole over again, so i ask now if there is someone here that wants his account trained? I dont need any gp or stuff on the account, a clean account would also be great. I just want to play on a account like CSM+, so i can make some money on it and buy stuff. This is not a scam, because with only the password I cant do shit. And if you dont want it then do not reply. So i just ask an account to play on, for people who dont play combat arms a lot, or almost non. Or maybee there is someone here who quitted and wants his account trained maybee?
Combat arms EU accounts, because i live in europe