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Yeah bullshit syntacma I have Pms from you and you telling me your msn and all and I have all screenshots of transaction with you on man your bullshit. Don't buy from him. Go on my profile and look at my newest started post and you will see all screenshots of this bs scammer.

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Oh really you offered me a col on Skype? Lol you offered me the col on msn and I have that convo as well caught you in your own lie. You never added me on skype you added me on msn and only told me on msn your bs don't buy from this guy

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if he adds you on msn named gabriel pestana with the email. gaboman03@hotmail.com its him the scammer.. still if he doesnt dont buy from him
hes a complete bs seller.
You should have come to me to buy an account
An LTG or MG would never actually go for $50
Minimum is $150 for an account like that.