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    Re-post: Selling LT3 ACCOUNT!!!!!

    Due to not enough evidence, I decided to download the game again and screenshotted the in-game.

    Hope this is enough so please do not bitch like a wimp.

    and Yes, i did mess up the water mark on the new screenshot 'cuz I was in a hurry.
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________

    Hey what's up guys, I'm new here on this section. Usually I just download hacks for shits and giggles to play in-game.

    Anyways, this is my account. I have been playing on this account for almost 3 years now but I stopped playing early this year since I had a whole lot of work for school, so I don't have time to play. I usually now just watch anime for fun.

    O yeah just out of topic, can anyone suggest any good anime for me? I into the romance and harem genre. I like those peaceful types where it is just about a boy who attends school and no magic etc, or somewhat similar . So do suggest. (Also preferable if the anime was made around 2010 and newer since I like better graphics).

    Back to this post, the account is First Lieutenant, 3rd rank. The account is blank since I didn't spend any NX. NX system is fucked up. Screw NEXON!.

    So practically a fresh start. Although I still have a 90 day viper and some specialist equipment left in my inbox from past events but however I will not depend my price on this. I removed the game from my computer so don't bother asking for screenshot in game, since there is no point.

    The screen shot I have provided is also the closest to date that I have. It is off the nexon website. Taken on the 7/30/2012 on 6:20 pm. I have made a watermark with the date and time of screenshot so people can't copy it as use at for scamming.

    Price of this account will be $30. Money is actually going towards a Fairy Tail poster that I want to buy for my room.

    I seriously don't know who many people bitch on about the price. I even had heard of some ridiculous prices for the rank of my account on other post. One suggesting 12 dollars. 12 dollars ain't gonna get you nothing. I spent quite a long time on this account and back then, exp rate was incredibly slow. So I believe it is worth it. Please pay by PayPal.

    Note; When sending a fee, they will charge you extra for sending the payment. Hence you might need to send around $33 or just $30 in gift.

    I am using PayPal because it can be trusted. If you do not pay first, nor do you trust me since I'm new here, then don't bother adding me. I am willing to provide any more screenshots (although useless 'cuz you can't really see that much on the web) on here.

    I am not giving any details away, since you can report me. No teamviewer as well. So none of your good-trustworthy comments will work on me. Details will only be given after transaction is through. If the account does not work, I will then give you back the money, and contact you to ask if you are still interested (since I will be at no loss as well as you).

    When sending the account, I might delay for a couple of hours since I am at work. I will give you the username, new e-mail, security questions and answers.

    It is up to you own responsibility to change this. Although I don't want the account, please change the e-mail first. I don't want spammage in my inbox. Thanks.

    If you want to direct contact me, then you can e-mail me at

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    If you want to sell your account, just sell it. I do not understand why you type up all that shit non sense for. Anyway, use official middleman if you don't want to get scammed and due to the fact that nobody likes going first especially when trading with new members like you for example. For LT3, you most likely won't get $30 out of it and that also depends on the stuff(good shits) that's on the account.

    and just wth does this mean? "If the account does not work, I will then give you back the money, and contact you to ask if you are still interested (since I will be at no loss as well as you)."

    Good luck selling.

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