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    My Runescape account for nexon prepaid

    hey guys so i finally found something usefull to do with my acc on runescape i havnt played for a long ass time so here it is also this is a serious trade so dont offer very low im looking for nexon prepaid card since i dont have a paypal so nexon prepaid no im not trading it for combat arm accounts i have my very own and very happy with it so i made a post about a week ago and people said that the pici took could have been fake so i just made a video instead it wasvery laggy so i dont know if it got everything so please leave your offer or you can jst meet up with me in my area in a computer store so u can give me cash or we can do it by mail ofcourse ofcourse i wont go first since it is a trade where anything can change in just a snap of my finger unless your willing to meet me in person its much more safer im in toronto,ontario

    yes its me minus - YouTube
    sorry guys if its so laggy

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    click the "yes its me minus - youtube to see the video

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