Check out my other post as I am also selling a cheap and fresh account.

CA Nexon game cards. I believe these also works for the other nexon games like SA, Maplestory, Dragon nest etc.

I still have a 50k, 25k and 10k game card left since I didn't use it after receiving it for my birthday. Willing to trade for PSN card with equal value + substitute.

I don't really need it since I want to save up some money for the new PS Vita games so 50k is worth to me about $25, and ill sell 25k and 10k together for about $18. I can't sell it on other sites such as eBay since there are already top selling cardsman.

MM or PayPal invoice (you go first) for security purposes ONLY.

Please contact me on if you want to suggest a price. Thanks. Willing to sell all 3 cards if necessary for a cheaper price if you want it all.