Hey My name is zuerio I Have a CPT4 account With, 20 AR's, 9 HG's, 1 Perm spec, 1 Perm mei. I have a video here that will give you all the information you need.
In return for this account all i want is 500m runescape gold.

*I will only and only give you FULL possession of the account once i receive the gold, no questions asked.
*If you do not agree to my terms to bother messaging me.
*I also want proof that you have a runescape account and 500m so yes you will have to show me before we continue anything.

contact info

Skype: Graverust
cell: (717) 314-7822 (Just text)
Email: rainbowmonkiez@live.com
Youtube Channel: Dicksforchicks

CBL Clean:
Player [SkullRust] - Community Ban List