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    Combat Arms Account for Steam Account

    i can give an steam account with these games inside:
    ArmA 2 Combined Operations
    The Walking Dead
    APB:Reloaded with inside a lot of perms,i have the TypeWriter MK3 permanent too,and two cars with kits,and other stuff
    Bang Bang Racing
    COD MW2 Level 80 Prestige 15
    COD Black Ops Level 45 Prestige 6
    Saint Row The Third
    Red Orchestra 2
    Counter Strike Global Offensive
    Mount And Blade Warband
    Mount and Blade With Fire and Sword
    Mount and Blade
    Red Orchestra
    Dota 2
    Just Cause 2
    Empire:Total War
    Torchlight II

    i need an CA Europe account with some perms...
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