Game Version: Europe
Items and length:

G36E Permanent
L96A1 Permanent
UMP Permanent
M4A1 Permanent
AK-47 Permanent
P90 SE Permanent
M1911 MEU Permanent
Elite Moderator Permanent
Player Name Color Change Permanent
16x Super Megaphones
Base Character Change Permanent
About 300x 100% EXP and GP Passes
About 300x 40% EXP and GP Passes

All permanent items & weapons for rank. (I.e M16A3 Veteran etc.

Rank: LTC 2 (80%)
Kd (Kill Death Ratio): 1.4
Any other Important Information:

GP: Around 300,000 GP
NX Grade: Copper

Screens of account here: https://infinityplus****/ca (that are outdated screens since 1 month.)

I have all the informations to change password, I want 50$ for the account through PayPal. Or Premium key for Battlefield 3 in Origin. Please add me on skype: cptzoap if you want buy, or more informations.