Hello, i want to buy a combat arms NA account, it does not have to have perms or anything like that, but that will hurt its value if it does not have any perms. ( Perms are bought not earned trough the leveling up process )
My last trade did not go as planed and the account i got ether the original owner called nexon and got his account back or it got banned.
Ether way im account less now
Post your account below or add me on msn zoheb@live.ca
if you are to post below add some images
also with price, im looking to spent the most is $50
There has to BE A MIDDLE MAN
i dont wanna be scammed i dont scam and no one likes a scammer so if you are trying to scam, Please just leave dont even wast your time. and if you thing im going to scam, im not but i can not change what people think.