Never Buy an account who's Primary email is with hotmail there is always a way to recover it and you will be jacked, i am talking from experiences even though you change the password and recovery questions sellers can always take back their hotmail email. Now for the tips on how to buy it and what to do after you bought it.

If you are using Skype Dont ever call them and trade because you can't record it always Send messages so if you do get scammed you have solid proof but if you are talking with them you don't Moderators wont ban unless solid proof. Now only buy it if they have full info (Primary Email and Password ) Don't Buy if they tell you that they will change info for you you are 100% guaranteed you will be scammed and the account will be taken back. Always Use OMM Its always safer and mostly all the OMM trades go smoothly. After you done trading very 1st thing you do is Change the Email 2+ More times Change the password 2+ times and they should have gave you the primary email go on the email delete all the Nexon Emails that makes sure's they cant Recover it and if u spend a lot of money on this account change the account info and add a credit card number and Link account with facebook and change the Security Questions.

Tips :
Changing Password at least add 2 Number, capital Letter.