⋆⋆⋆Before you read, no this account does not have any perms, however it does have nx guns. Just not for perm.⋆⋆⋆

CPT 3 Account for CANA.
Has the following:

⋆Orthus 15 days
⋆Azazel 16 days
⋆P90TR 40+ days
⋆ Speed gears including:
⋆Recon vest 40+ days
⋆And more just pm my skype i will Look into my account again and show you.

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Add me on Skype. laptoptech2 I will be uploading pics 2Nite. If you cant wait then add me on skype -- laptoptech2.

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Delete this thread please. I dont know why i posted that, im still preparing pics / video and everything. Please delete and I will be posting another form on this within 48 Hours. TY