Hi all,

I've been playing AVA since it went out (reason why i'm wiki editor). I enjoy this game, but it's getting quite borring theese times..
I want to trade my last account for a good combat arms account.


Level: First Lieutnant 4th class (~ 1800 wins, ~ 1500 loses)
Exp: ~30% ATM
s/d: ~1.4
Ä: ~10.000
AP & BP low.


* P90 freedom (Rare AP weapon) (permanent)
* SR-2M Veresk (permanent)
* Kriss super V (permanent)
* AUG-A2 commando (permanent)
* MP5A3 (starter)

* NoŽl Sako Rk.95 (Rare AP weapon) (permanent)
* M4 Freedom (Rare AP weapon) (permanent)

* FA-MAS Firefox (Euro capsule weapon) (permanent)
* AN94 Sidewinder (Euro capsule weapon) (permanent)

* M4A1 Mk.3 (permanent) [Bought with AP]
* FN-F2000 (permanent) [Bought with AP]
* SG556 (permanent) [Bought with AP]
* SA-58 PARA (permanent) [Bought with AP]
* G3A3 (starter) (new mods)

* FRF2 (permanent) [Bought with AP]
* Blaser R93 (permanent) [Bought with AP]
* M24 (starter)


* TMP (permanent)
* Ingram MAC-10 (Euro capsule weapon) (permanent)

I can provide Screen shots if requested. Will come with Original Email.