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    I'm closing this because this is becoming retarded. You're asking people to take on all the risk so you can basically get free stuff... Not only do I personally not agree with these sorts of illegal activities, as they degrade the quality of the site and stealing is just straight up wrong, but the trade you're proposing is ridiculous.

    If you want to open another trade thread like this, do it in the General Market Place where it probably should have been posted in the first place.

    As of 9/17, I will be away for a few days due to medical reasons. Should be back up soon. Please refer to a GM or other mods in whatever particular section you need help with.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nico View Post
    I'm playing legit with my hacks
    If you add me on skype without an explicit message stating who you are on MPGH, you will be denied and blocked.

    Feel free to donate if I helped you earn some $$

    Tutorials for consoles and hacks

    Woo.exe Oath Mode with Next Map option, Follow-Bot, Master map (runs any S1 map), Two Moons, Mining. Requires a .dll with hacks for full functionality.

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