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    (Repost) CAEU Account (details inside)

    (Reposted, same topic in the EU selling/trading forum, but some people also buy/sell EU accounts here so, just to make sure people will read. )

    Hi there,
    I'm looking for a CA EU account,

    Tho these things aren't required, I'm looking for the best account I can find for a somewhat reasonable price obviously.
    (English is not my native language, I'm sorry but I do my best.)

    I'm looking for:
    - Oviously, Perm weapons, who doen't like perm weapons? I do, especially AR's and maybe one or two SR's? (Ps, the more useful ones, the better.)
    - NX rare perms, tho this is not a must, I'd really like something special on the account for example I totally love the M417SB, Sopmod, REC7 Rangers, M416 CQB or some other strong weapons (pref. AR's and again, the more useful ones, the better.)
    - Full perm speed, sorry. But that's a must.
    - Maybe perm extra gear? Heartbeat, nades, maybe namecolor, codenames? Anything is welcome.

    <<No requirement>>
    - I'm a big fan of the L85A1/L85A2 series, got the L85A1 MOD, L85A1 MOD Camo or maybe even the Zadan's MOD camo? (oh, baby *-*), I'd really love to, then again, I don't NEED them, I just really like them so it's just a ++++.
    - ?Epics? it'd be really great to find a good account with one or more epic weapons but yea, that's just a big plus but definitely no requirement.
    - A little bit of money, not too important to me.

    Optional: Zadan's Mod Camo perm will increase the value by a great amount so I would be incredibly less critical about other stuff.

    KDR/Rank doesn't matter too much to me, rank is just a +.

    As of a previous incident, I now ONLY accept paypal, and ONLY trade with a OMM, without exception.
    Edit: Awfully big incident.

    Post a comment down below with info and leave skype, I'll add you right away when I'll read it.
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