I'm looking for a good LTC or COL Combat Arms NA Account For $50-$80 , Not going over $80.

1. Game version: North America

2. Rank. What rank are you looking for?: LTC + or COL+

3. What specific items do you want on the account. (If you do want any): Good amount of EXP Passes and GP , Also Permanent Weapons/Gears ( Besides the Defaults ).

4. What is the minimum KDR on the account you want. (If it matters to you): Above .90 kdr

5. Do you want to buy an account with a ban history? No chat bans, suspensions, game bans, etc.

6. What is the maximum price you are going to pay? Between $50-$80

Payment Options (Your Choice): Steam Cards , Karma Koin , iTunes Card , Wizard101 , League of Legends.

Kik me at aijamante12345 or Skype me at gypseyjaeger123