that life is getting shitty? i've noticed a few things. when you get older, everything gets worse. wheres the freedom in this world? people promice you freedom. "life you're life the way YOU want." what a lie. i know most of you will probubly critisize on what im typing, becase you'r ein the same position, and it makes you feel good, but please. save that for other people who don't have alot of shit on their mind.

And before you start replying with "emo kid" or "faggot" or "gay" or whatever you can come up with, this isn't a cry for attention. this isn't me trying to be cool, this is jsut what i think.

and yes, i do have bad spelling, get over it.

k, back to topic, has anyone noticed, with maturity life gets worse and worse? i know it has for me, my girl, my family, and my friends. im sure SOMEONE out there has a life, fun, friends, and money. if you're one of them, pull your head out of your ass.

pay attention to the world around us. theres death happening every day.
people give less and less respect to those who deserve it. the government is trying to control us. and barly anyone notices this.

today, my uncl died. [rip] last month, my grandpa died. the month before that my mother died. and seriously, you're going to think im lieing, but the month before that, my father died. it's been death after death. loss after loss. is it all part of a epidemic? might the "2012" shit be real?

RESPECT- noone pays respect to ANYONE now days. you have "trolls" and assholes all over the internet. and i have a question for you guys and girls. "why?" it doesn't get you anywhere. why be a bunch of immature brats and start shit. what's the point?

we'll i've done some research, and i know form experiance. people are mean to others, and are general doushebags because their in the same spot as me, but don't realise it. or if they DO relaise it, they're doing it for self confidence, and happyness. it won't bring you any. and i wish someone else could SEE what im saying without critisizing, but instead. just understand and realise what im saying..

If we could all get along, amagin how strong we would be? there'd be no more premature loss [death.] there'd be no more hate. im not asking us to hug tree's, and fuck animals or whatever you're going to say. just care for others. maybe pay respect to people.

I.E. Dave. MPGH's creator or some crap like that. he goes out of his way to make us hacks. giv eus a community, treats us like family, and i gaurentee only 3% of EVERYONE on MPGH pays respect to him. aperantly he's dead. [rip]
and you guys just think "oh. wtf. no more hacks, *tear*"

seriously, wheres the respect for him? like i said, he does all this for us. and noone gave him anything in return. if there was no dave, and if he didn't care for us. where would we be? T.g.s? LOL.

now im not asking you guys to pay respect to me[although i would like some at least] but, pay respect to others, and instead of "OMG, NOOB, STOP EBING AN IDIOT" why not jsut say "please be quiet."

About freedom. The US promices "freedom for all" when they can't give it to us in return. We work ALL our life. you grow up, getout of school, get a job. and become a ass slave to your boss. how's that freedom?

im done fortoday, my hands are tired and cramping. :/ i'll writ emroe to this tomorrow, but for now, ANYONE who wants to pay respect to dave. please post in respect to him.