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    [TUTORIAL] How to shitpost with efficiency.

    Alright so everyone knows that they can pick the color white for their text to make it invisible.
    BUT I have analyzed the color of the mpgh background with my 1337 hacking skillz, and I have found out that it is NOT white.

    Thus if you look closely you can still see this : YOU CAN CAN'T YOU?

    That's because the color code has the color white, but the mpgh background isn't white.

    and posting something with that shitty color that others can actually see makes you feel like a retard right?

    Well, worry not innocent shitposter.

    Here is the hex for the mpgh background #FAFAFA here is the hex for white #FFFFFF

    So all you have to do is put your text between {COLOR="#FAFAFA"} text here {/COLOR}

    And there you go, done. Just replace {} with []


    This is some nice shitposting.
    The only way you can see it is by selecting it.
    But that makes you feel like an idiot.
    Which you are.

    And there you go. Now you can make posts without anyone being able to read them, they will be like "WOW HE IS SUCH A LEET HAXOR HOW DOES HE DO DAT?"

    Oh you can also select the text to see it since its 100% invisible there is no other way.

    Thank me later

    Oh and you can use it to make your /10chars invisible and look cool while only saying 3 words like "lol /10chars"
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    [Tutorial] How to get banned for shit posting
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