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    Exclamation MPGH Birthday & Post ban tradition.

    This thread is a follow up for the HOW2MPGH information hub, explaining what is a birthday & post ban on MPGH.

    Birthday & Post bans are an old tradition of MPGH where you create thread in the General section requesting to be banned since you achieved a certain amount of posts on MPGH, or on your birthday obviously.

    How can I request a birthday or post ban ?

    You can request a post ban starting from: 1337 posts , 2000, 3000 and so on. (Every 1000 post).
    -You can request a birthday ban on your birthday.

    What other things should I know about this birthday & post ban tradition ?

    -The ban lasts 24 hours exactly, no matter what does your ban message states.
    -You can't request to ban another MPGH member for reaching certain amount of posts.
    -Create the thread when you're 1 post short to the post ban, IE: You reached 1999 posts, Stop there. Create a new thread in general so you don't break that cool number.
    -Is there any rules that I should stick to creating my post ban thread ? The answer is NO. your thread can have any title you would like to have, and any content. Example: I'm done; Leaving MPGH !
    -Make sure to mention the MODs or GMs so you can be banned, also you will bother them since the huge number of notifications they receive daily.inb4 banmessage.

    Hope this helps and provides further info to whom doesn't know what is a birthday / post ban.

    Make sure to check HOW2MPGH

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