so i live in england, and england is the closest to the sun so its really hot here. i speak fluent american and i really want to buy a game that costs 5 pounds but i have no money. but how does it way so much, 5 pounts for a disc is impossible, it weights only 5 inches i think? i believe you have to pay with pounds, which is some of your weight i think, so they do surgery on you remove 3 pounds of fat and then u give it to amazon idk? how do you pay with a credit card? do you stick the 3 pounds of fat on the card and give it to them? where is amazon? ok so thats what i want for christmas. now let me tell you my favorite food. i like to eat food, that's my favorite food. wait, but wouldn't gravity run out? like, gravity was around for like 2016 years, so it has to run out in some time. SO GRAVITY IS RUNNING OUT! oh yeah i also found out that there are more super bowls than the amount of presidents, so like the superbowl is longer LOL. by the way, also there is a picture of the map, can someone link me to the other side of it? its flat and i really need the other side. is the map right or is the astronauts right? they said the earth is a sphere but the map is flat? the globe could be wrong too so like why? btw why cant we visit the sun? can we visit the sun in winter, because thats when the sun is not hot? why are the astronauts so curious. the media made the sun seem as a fireball but its probably as nice as the moon tbh. well i also like playing games and sitting down all day listening to my nigga's music. i also wonder why jackie chan is not on much movies anymore. i also made a slingshot using my mom's bra, so yeah. THANK ME BECAUSE YOU LEARNED STUFF!