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    Cool [TUTARAL] HOW 2 CRACK DENUVO DRM (99999999999999999999999999999999999999% LEGIT)

    Hi guys today i will be show'n you hizzow ta crizzle tha denuvo DRM fo' real!

    1 Clizzick "Start" on tha menu bar located at tha bottom of yo' S-C-R-to-tha-izzeen.

    2 Cliznick "Run" ta opizzle a dializzle box.

    3 Enta "cmd" into tha box n click "OK" ta open a command prompt. Dogg House Records in the motha fuckin house. A nizzew windizzle wizzle appizzle.

    4 Takes ownizzle of System32 files by clockin' tha follow'n tha commizzle:

    5 takizzle /f C:\Windows\System32\izzle\<filename></filename>

    6 Replace <filename> wit tha actizzle nizzay of each individual file cuz this is how we do it. Fo` instizzle, if you chooze ta takes ownership of tha fizzay aaclient.dll.mui, yizzy W-to-tha-izzould enta tha command "takeown /f C:\Windows\System32\en-US\ aaclient droppin hits.dll.mui". Repeat dis command fo` each individual fizzile yizzay want ta delete. Dis process D-to-tha-izzoes niznot delete tha file -- it only gives you ownizzle of the file.</filename>

    7 Rizzun tha Access Control Lizzle command fo` each file ova which yizzay takes contrizzle. Dis wiznill allow you to delete it by enter'n tha follow'n command:

    8 cacls C:\Windows\System32\en-US\<filename> /G <username> mah nizzle:F</username></filename>

    9 Replace <filename> wit tha actizzle name of tha each individual F-to-tha-izzile n replace <username> wit the account name that you use on yo' pimp. I started yo shit and i'll end yo' shit. Fo` instizzle, if you want ta obtain control of tha file aaclient n we out!dll.mui and yo' account name be ComputerBoy, you would nigga tha command "cizzy C:\Windows\System32\en-US\aaclient.ddl.mui /G ComputerBoy:F." Repeat dis commizzle fo` each individual fiznile yizzay want ta delete.</username></filename>

    10 Clizzay tha command prizzay.

    11 Open Windows Explora.

    12 Cizzy on tha folda titled "C:" ta reveal subfolda.

    13 Click on tha pusha titled "Windows" ta reveal more subfolda.

    14 Scroll dizzy n cizzy on tha folda titlizzle "System32" ta reveal tha systizzem drug deala.

    15 Open tha folder titled "en-US." Dis wiznill reveal all of tha files you W-to-tha-izzant ta delizzle.

    16 Right-clizzle on each file yizzy chooze ta delete, one by one n selizzle "Delete" ta delete tha file from yo' hard drizzle.

    17 Restart yo' computa.
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