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    hello how are you?


    cuckold cancer : Hey Ace, thanks for taking the time to do an Interview for the MPGH News. How has your week been so far?

    [MPGH]Ace : Hey Eternity, thanks for featuring me in this edition's interview. It's been a normal week, nothing was really interesting. How about yours ?

    cuckold cancer : It's been horrible but thanks for reminding me. Anyways, are you currently working on any new projects that are actually worth mentioning?

    [MPGH]Ace : Yes, I am working on a project with my friend @Lightning . I prefer not to talk about it now. It's a secret.

    cuckold cancer : Lovely, I would love to review your project that you are totally working on with lightning soon. However a question that has been on my mind lately is, How would you rate the meme lord raple?

    [MPGH]Ace : 10/10 would bang again

    cuckold cancer : Fantastic. Why did you decided to join this hell otherwise known as MPGH?

    [MPGH]Ace : First time I heard about MPGH is when I was playing Crossfire. Someone used an amazing WTW hack, I asked him about the hack name, he told me it was Dragon(H)ell, I then googled it and found MPGH that day

    cuckold cancer : Intriguing, I personally decided to join MPGH because the eagle was beckoning me and I could no longer avoid it's calling.

    [MPGH]Ace : That's how I've joined the Illuminati.

    cuckold cancer : However something MPGH always wants to know about you Ace is, how big is your shalong?

    [MPGH]Ace :
    There's only one way to discover that, you can ask Raple

    cuckold cancer : The meme lord is at it again, always trying to ruin my life. However I have one last question for you Ace, who do you think would win in a fight, Dave or Arun?

    [MPGH]Ace : Dave and Arun are friends, why would they fight each other? Honestly, I think I will win. Maybe, we can win together.

    cuckold cancer : Ah I see that you have gay dreams about Dave and Arun. I think this interview has reached it's climax. Thank you for doing this interview Ace, it was a pleasure for the both of us.

    [MPGH]Ace : Thank you for taking time to interview me. Have a nice day!
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