too bord to spell bord rite
Cant find any paris hilton tapes
selling my camera on ebay
touching boobs
drinking soda
eating food
munch munch munch
phone is gay
printer is old
new phone is cool
need more batteries
slap bitch that stole my ipod
eat the cheesecake
watch the gauge
change the water
watch the dishes pile
clean the filter
go home
watch the computer
play the computer
touch boobs in mind
random words random order
bank money
money spend
pay debt
buy paintballs
kick dumbass in the face for smart talkin me
slap teacher for being stupid
shoot alley cats with paintball gun for shitting in the gravel in my back yard
fill co2
eat yogurt
bike ride to store
get coffee
get cell minuites
bike home
look at nice looking lady on the way
open door
smell food
eat food
make coffee
drink coffee
go computer
go school
hang out
go class
do class
go lunch
eat lunch and stare at ass
talk to women
go to class
eat granola bar, because its in binder
go home
mow lawn
yell at key for being too big
climb the roof
break in the window on the roof
hear the tv
jump in the shower
shower with soap
feel good
feel clean
wash hair, feel more clean
walk down stairs
turn on tv
drink coffee
drink more
drink more
get cereal
lube paintball gun for no reason
surf net
watch the office
watch house
watch tv shows
clean desk
put keys in place
do homework
put away homeowrk
forget binder at home
get in trouble
buy gas for moped
moped in the dirt
moped some more
go home and stare at my junk that i dont need but buy anyways
sit on computer
write about anything