Last actual log in was "You last visited: 02-26-2008 at 10:43 AM", Last post first month of 08.

But im sure I passed by once or twice last year. Anyways.... Yeah, I appear to have stumbled across the site yet again. This isnt quite spam but felt like sticking it here. Just wanted to say the 'new' forum as its new to me at least, looks great. Site in general seems to have expanded quite largely. So yeah, congrats Dave, Arun and co. Honestly would of never thought it would of been this big. Then again, I could say that about a few other small site back in the day that are huge now. Guess i know how to call em. =P

All for now, see yall in 2012 for my next bi yearly post... assuming were not all dead (damn Mayans). lol