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    Best parody ever!

    Just gonna sit here and get real fat
    But that's alright I'm completely fine with that
    And I will do this 'til the day I die
    It's because I just love eating curly fries
    I'm in love with curly fries


    I can't tell you why I'm like this,
    I can only tell you what I do. And
    Right now we're about to go on a fun bike ride
    Then make a delicious curly fry pie. (Mmmm!)
    If eating curly fries is wrong then I don't wanna be right

    Watchin the Telly, Watchin Free Willy
    Now were kicking back and reminiscing
    About the past and the good ol days
    One time we went outside to jump on the trampoline
    But, then you fell off and then my dog ate you.
    That was so rude, of him to do.
    I went inside and put your remains in my left shoe

    Then that one time I put you on a leash
    We took a long walk, it was just you and me
    Then you went behind my back, stole my phone and called the cops on me
    I got mad and took u to the kitchen and chopped you
    Into a bazillion pieces, sorry, my bad dude
    I forgot to give you a proper name
    So now it's Carlisle, so Carlisle would you make my life
    And be my lawfully wedded wife. Say I do

    We'll get a house together
    With a white picket fence, live in the hills
    I'll be a stay at home husband
    For real!!!

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    Pretty good

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