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    Cool Reptilian Shapeshifters- Are they true?

    Recently, ive been doing some research about the government, politics, laws etc.... And I came up with a video on the Youtube list that said government reptilian shapeshifters. I clicked it just for fun and it turned out to be SERIOUS. I have listed a couple of Videos you can check out, and I'm not sure if I can do this, but it's worth the 2 day ban if not.

    The story that woke me up (I wrote that)
    I couldn't believe it. One simple video change my perspective of things, but now I can see it all. The reptilians are Sumerians, or "Annunaki" as others call them. They live among us, disguised as humans. They are our government, they are our rulers, they are our alpha and omega.

    They, who are larger; they who are more evolutionized, they are reptiles.
    Most recently, ive posted a video on youtube, showing me on Photoshop, taking one of Da'Vinci's portraits, "The last supper". 3/4 of the images online of this single portrait are all Low-Def, and for a reason. They are hiding something. BUT, i found an image that was HD, so I could show you guys what they are hiding. REPTILIANS!!, but you need to edit the image a little to see them, and by edit, I don't meen go take a brush and draw them there, I meen these steps:

    1. Open the image in photoshop
    2. Make a new layer, call it whatever you want...
    3. Get your image and crop it around
    4. Copy paste all of it into your 2nd layer.
    5. Now flip the image you just copy pasted around horizontaly.
    6. Lower the opacity of the flipped image to 50 percent.
    7. Aling the 2 images so the two Jesuses are equal.
    8. You should now see Jesus like he was split in half, like he had two bodies.
    9. Now look between his heads, can't you see a face that looks like a reptilian?
    10. Look on the table, in the middle there is like a kind of skull. Wierld hmm!!

    -Not convinced this works or too lazy to do it?
    No worries I have a video for you!!

    Check out this website to learn about David Icke, the one that knows everything (SORTA).

    David Icke- Official website

    Ok, now on to the videos:

    For more videos search youtube... Im tired right now... Any ways, any QUESTIONS? my email is


    Always remember, When people says no, it's because they are afraid of the truth!


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