Approximately 27 carrots have died in a car crash in [MPGH]Drake's fridge. Witnesses have stated that it was a huge tumbleup, where 2 cheeses were injured, and about 80 anuses were stretched. I think that I should eat your mother? Wait, that is absurd. I must enjoy playing "DieMadFingerWhatCheese" what is this i dont even RAAAAAAAH! STOP, YOU'VE VIOLATED THE LAW! YOU MUST DIE, OR ELSE YOU WILL GET LAID! BANANAS ARE EXTREMELY DANGEROUS, THEY CAN SPEW PIZZAS FROM THEIR HATS! ONLY IF THERE IS A FULL BROOM, YOU CAN DEVOUR THE GATES OF OBLIVION IF YOU HAVE THE KEY TO MY ROOM.

Yup, I feel a lot better.