September 11 the biggest global deception

you Americans are convinced that you were attacked by terrorists armed with knife and able to fly an boening not knowing fly an airplane piper.
nn questions because you do your government '. I fear you are a people very pessimistic believe to be strong but your weakness is in not able to express, you are slaves of your government

I have to make requests
the first question for you
1) nn you have realized that the aircraft that went to strike in the wtc were not of any airline?
2) manoeuvres that have been made to reach the Pentagon Nos could also make a professional pilot, think that a piloted an airplane piper
3) where are the remains of the Pentagon plane? if it were an airplane at least the tail was saved.
4) you have never met the families of victims of those ke were in the air in the massacres of September 11, only a few interview with cnn, which belongs to your cousin of President bush and then easily as falsabile interview

you georg bush and these attacks not influenced years to start a conflict for economic purposes such as sharing oil, a president you can arrange the attacks for economic purposes, making the nation itself as a target, and then pushing the consequences of a war against false terrorists .. and false dictators only for economic purposes. the thing and I ke anger from most of you, and that you have made nn the right questions
your men of power.

I ask you the choices of your current president years changed the world, many people have died and people that your soldiers civil, to pretend this war against terrorism
if you go to vote please Nos do more to elect georg bush

I am an Italian Nos been my best and I know. but when injustice we are going to demonstrate against politicians, even to you one day I will see protest against your government

a cordial greeting from joshice