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    pc is whats up

    I not only get the risk of getting online to a psn account on the primitive Playstation 3, I get to be involved in the circle of identity theft and credit card fraud. On the other hand, Microsoft's Xbox shares more users online, but I have to pay monthly or yearly in order to use the potential of any peer to peer gaming.

    The Playstation 3 has more harsh technical specs than those of the xbox 360, yet they market their lowest unit to 299.99 in USD. Back a year ago, one could get an Xbox 360 arcade for 130.00 USD; no strings attached. Nowadays you could get the xbox 360 s for 199 at tits entry-level (I know I never would though). Hopefully the end of consoles will near, or the developers of some major titles will listen to their pc-counterpart community and either develop a unique pc copy of such a game, or hire another attire to do so for them. Specifically pointed towards fps producers; "why do you support consoles more than the pc gamers?" Maybe its the effect of being incensed into developing for a specific console platform by means of payment or whatnot; because that console platform knows the title has a chance of being popular; resulting in that console platform getting a small profit margin from doing so. Maybe they don't show us support, by merely lack of interest. Perhaps not only or not in addition to my theory of console-specific bribery, the pc community is ignored or overlooked because we lack as many users as consoles. To most, apparently it is easier to purchase a gaming console, buy games, or trade... May seem the right way to go for the average user. If one were to ask a dedicated pc gamer, they'd most likely go in favor for it. Instead of creating sub-poor quality games on the console, then porting it to the pc platform, they should build firstly among the pc architecture, then port out to console variants; making changes to coding, engines, shaders, textures, and levels to allow the 6-year-old hardware containing consoles to be able to play such games at a relatively decent frame rate.

    I think I'll just stick to my gaming rig, while enjoying superb graphics, fluid game play, multi-monitor experiences (if I choose to do so), lag-free 3d gaming experiences (which isn't for me though, due to damn amblyopia), use the dominating keyboard and mouse in first person shooters, use a variety of tools to mod, develop, hack, and add on various components to today's great games; all while enjoying the experience of building an mix-matching hardware for my build.

    Sure there may be hackers if you chose to use multiplayer options in almost any game on pc. Instead of whining for hours on edge, getting the idea of self-satisfaction and self-motivation, maybe you should hit the escape key, back out to the lobbynu/etc... and join another game; "That's why its there. " On the other hand, you could learn to code with cpp, c prime, apl, python, or even java. you could also make a trip to ;o
    My Specs:
    Intel(R) 4004
    3kBts of Intel(R) 1103 DRAM
    Trinitron 9" @ 320x240 in 8 bit color

    The Real ones:
    Intel(R) Core 2 Extreme series QX9650
    AsusTek Maximus Formula X-38 motherboard
    2x EVGA Nvidia Geforce GTX 285 in SLI
    Patriot Memory 128GB SSD for primary
    Seagate Barracuda 1TB HDD
    4x 2GB Patriot Memory DDR2-1200MHz
    Apple Cinematic Display - 27" @2560x1440 @120hz; minidisplay to dual link dvi

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    A simple thanks if I helped you is appreciated!

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